Zombies – Chapter 34 「Makiura」

34 「Makiura」

It was the first time that Makiura put a scalpel on the human body as a surgeon. Under a powerful light in the operating room, wearing a green surgical gown, gently place a scalpel on the lower abdomen of a swollen pregnant woman. The skin and the underlying subcutaneous fat are slowly and vertically dissected.

Her hands moved as she had simulated many times. There is no shiver.

An old instructor wiped off the blood overflowing from the wound quickly with gauze. Furthermore, spread the wound with a forceps like a scissors and fix it. Usually, Makiura was doing her job as an assistant. There are training medicine of the second assistant and a nurse with an operating room in other ones.

Cesarean section, which is not urgent, is a fundamental operation in obstetrics and gynecology, and difficulty level is not so high. For this reason, Makiura of the fourth year after graduation has decided to do the surgery for the first time. If there is something wrong, it would be the supervisor replaced immediately.

Makiura took a deep breath under the mask and searched for a wound. Besides the abdomen, it is covered with a light green drape, and blood is spotted there.

She saw a thin translucent fascia at the back of the opened belly. It is a fibrous membrane attached to beef block meat etc. She pinched it with her fingertips and opened it with scissors.

When she rubbed the exposed lean body to the left and right, a peritoneum resembling a soft bird skin appeared.


「It’s good.」


The instructor wipes the blood with gauze and picks up the membrane so that it is easy to cut. Makiura is a bent scissors at the tip, and it gradually opens it. When pushed to the side with a forceps, the thin pink uterus which the blood vessel floated finally appeared at last. A supervisor puts a metallic spatula inside it, opens the meat and widens the operative field.

That’s good. It took less than five minutes.

Makiura cut the thin membrane covering the uterus and replaced it with a scalpel. The lower part of the swollen uterus is cut open laterally so as to trace a few millimeters so as not to hurt the inside fetus.

Eventually, through the thin membrane of the follicle, the fetus’ foot floating in amniotic fluid came into her eyes. The only one thing left is to break this membrane and take it out.

It was Makiura who was promoting the treatment without hesitation so far, but the movement stopped suddenly.

From this point on, she needed to touch directly on fragile fetuses.

The fear made Makiura shrink.


「Do it.」


The voice of the instructor appears.

That hand is waiting for the incision of the uterus.




For Caesarean section, Makiura is also an assistant and has been present many times. It is a feeling that it drags out rather than picking up. Better not to be slow.

Makiura decided the preparedness and broke the follicle with tools like tweezers. Amniotic fluid overflows and spill over the drape. Makiura instantly pushed her hand into the womb, grabbing the fetus’ body not as scary as reliable. While blood and amniotic fluid are overflowing, pale white limbs appear slowly.


「I’m here, it’s almost done.」


A nurse speaks to the mother, but it does not enter Makiura’s ears.

The whole consciousness was concentrating on the pulsation of a certain life in the hand. Do not hesitate, but do not force too much.

Where all the bodies with the umbilical cords came out, the birthrate of the fetus rose.

In obstetrics which she was already used to, but a little warmth in the hand that rose shook the deep part of Makiura.


「You are a healthy child.」


A voice including the laughter of the instructor.

While wiping off amniotic fluid with gauze,


(Good luck.)


She picked up the baby with her own hand for the first time.

To that impression, Makiura was immersed for a while.



When she had dinner at a cafeteria of the university hospital, a woman with white robe sat down facing her.

With the coffee in one hand.


「How was it?」


Makiura quietly smiles to that word without greeting.


「It’s perfect.」


The woman smiles wryly,


「Is that so… good. I will be an assistant for another two years.」

「Well, I’m a replacement worker.」

「How about tonight? Celebrate for a successful surgery.」

「I’m sorry, I have an outside duty.」

「Oh, what a bad luck. But is it okay? Aren’t you tired today?」

「Because it is my parents’ house. There is not much burden.」

「Oh, is that so? That’s right. This daughter is diligent」

「Yes, actually.」


To Makiura who does not accept it calmly, the woman turns her eyes towards surprisingly.


「…Look like you are in a good mood. This time a group dating, will you join?」

「Mmm… I think」

「Whoa, are you wanting your own baby?」

「Just a little… Well, maybe I should look for a partner.」

「Now that you mention it. We tend to miss our marriage.」


Makiura had a bitter smile on that word that is said to be a storm.

Suddenly, the phone rang. The woman takes out her cell phone from the white coat and replies several times. Raising herself while the drinking coffee in hand,


「Excuse me. I’m going」

「See you」


Waving her hands wildly, the woman left.



Makiura held a two-door coupe at a parking lot of the back entrance, and got out of a car.

Hold the card key for security and push the gate that is out of lock. Pass through the corridor and go to the back.

The left and right planting and trees are illuminated by the garden light modeled on a lantern, dimly lit.

In the back there was a ward with lined windows. The appearance and the interior were hand-capped, reminiscent of the Western-style building in the Meiji Period.

This place where Makiura’s father works as director This is a small hospital with only dozens of beds, obstetrics and gynecology only, but with a good reputation, many people come to hospital from faraway places.

After entering indoors and passing by the side of the nurse station, she was able to speak to the night shift nurse of the fortieth night.


「Oh, Saya-chan. Welcome back.」

「Good evening. ….Please stop calling me Saya-chan」


Makiura answers with a bitter smile.

She is an old nurse. Since she was a child, she has been in a relationship for about fifteen years. In the past, she was beaten the foundation such as blood collection and intubation, and it was her opponent who did not rise her head all the time.


「But I don’t know which Makiura-sensei it is. Shall I call Sayaka-sensei?」

「It’s enough….. Where is the director?」

「Director’s Office. Because there is no particularly thing to do tonight.」

「Thank you very much.」


Lower her head and walk forward to the upstairs. The time is around 7 pm. As time to go off is so early, you can see inpatients as well.

When she knocked in the director’s office and entered, her father, who was sitting at the desk and sorting out documents, lifted his face.

Touching up with a gentle face with gray hair, he open his mouth.


「There didn’t seem to be the problem if I saw the face.」

「Yes. There is nothing wrong.」

「Is that so?」


Small nods.

It was a quiet response, but from a long relationship Makiura, I found that her father was very pleased.

My father told her that after taking over in the electronic medical record of pregnant women who were in hospital and gynecological patients had gone far.


「I am glad that you has taken the same path as me…」 To be honest, I did not want to recommend it to my daughter.」

「This is it now」

「Yes. That’s right」


Small nods.

Recently, young people who wish to obstetricians and gynecology are getting less. In obstetrics, labor and pregnancy screening are mainly used, but in the gynecology department, most of them are serious diseases such as cervical cancer. There are also many surgeries, and techniques equivalent to surgery are required.

There are also many calls even outside of the time to handle birth, so it is almost impossible to get a vacation.

Because there were many obstetrical teachers at this hospital, so it was better than any other place, but still it was a hard work.


「I am glad that I chose this road. Especially today.」


Because she lost her mother early, only her father’s back remained in Makiura’s memory. Before opening, her was an assistant professor at the university, so many elderly doctors call her as “Daughter of Makiura”. Everything was favorable.

Due to the hard work, she spent less time contacting with her father as a family, but the feelings of respect and favors received from her surroundings seemed a shame from her childhood. To succeed such a father’s trace, there was no need to consider for Makiura.


「Yeah… I have a challenge. It is a job for people. Be proactive.」


「Because I’m at home tonight. If something happens call me. Let me take a nap.」

「Yes. Thank you.」


Deeply lowers her head, leaves the director’s office, heads to the waiting room.

While walking, she thought about one’s comfortable environment.

In the two years after graduating from the medical department, there are rotations to receive clinical training around each department, but in the obstetrics and gynecology department, the researcher could not do almost anything. The risk of litigation is also high, patients are disliked, so the new rice can not get the job done.

Makiura had hoped for obstetrics and gynecology from the beginning, and she got an eye out for other researchers, but still there was a difficulty in mastering skills.

On that point, this long-awaited out-of-office has been a considerable source of battle experience.

Because Makiura is the trace of this hospital, it is not tormented by a veteran nurse. The nurse chiefs and others have power which can not be applied to the nose such as a new rice doctor, but here only the person whom was known.

Besides, as an ordinary watch doctor, although she used a lot of attention to call a superior doctor even in an emergency, Makiura can feel free to support her father who is the most experienced doctor on that point. Because the house of the director is next to the hospital, even when it comes to emergency, it will not take as long as five minutes.

It was a very comfortable environment.


(Although I am amiable……)


There is still awareness of chick. Now she need to be experienced and become her father’s power when she become a physician in the future.

Making a new enthusiasm, Makiura quickened her walk.



The phone rang while she was checking the chart at the terminal of the nurse station.

It’s from a colleague at a university hospital.


「I’m Makiura.」

『Oh! I’m sorry but I can’t come over there! 』

「Oh… no, because today it is a shockwave.」

『I will contact you from this place, Director! It seems that a riot has occurred, outpatient wow is coming. Just surgery alone is enough! I will recall all of them. 』

「Riot…. you said?」

『It’s on TV! Turn on the car radio. Be in a hurry as much as possible!』

「Ha… I understand.」


She hurriedly ended her call.

Makiura is half distrustful and stares at the display.

A riot.

In Japan.

Occasionally there are emergency vehicles in a fire or a collision accident, but she heard the word riot for the first time.

When she contacted her father, he seemed to be already aware of the situation, he immediately returned to the university. Talk about the circumstances to the nearby nurse, head on to the parking lot in a hurry while wearing a white coat.

In the radio news that she heard while driving a car, the word riot was also frequent. It seems to be quite large.


(It’s true…)


Perhaps casualties like disasters have appeared.

Remember the triage training that she went to at a hospital before.

When a large number of injured people come out, it is necessary to distinguish between human beings who can and those who can’t help themselves. If you waste resources on opponents you do not want to hand on, you will have more dead. Makiura runs a car while chewing ritual in the brain the judgment criteria that makes its judgment.

It took about thirty minutes to university hospital, but she felt something strange in the sight of the city in the middle.


(This is somehow.. strange)


Using the navigation traffic jam information, she changed the route one by one, but the car is stagnant here and there. If you think that there is a usual sight, in the alley next door, the crowd is clustered as if they were in a panic.

Using double time more than usual, she finally arrived at the hospital.

Seeing how many ambulances are parked at the entrance, Makiura gathers eyebrows. The ambulance is empty and there is no emergency crew member.

Doing such a way of stopping disturbs the following ambulance.

After putting the car in the parking lot for the staff, in order to let the ambulance come out, Makiura hurried and went to the lobby.

At that point, Makiura lost her words.




Nobody is here.

The lobby which her usually follow with people was uninhabited. There is no single patient, and she can not see any receptionist nurse.




Makiura stood standing for a while for a while, then taking out her cell phone. Call back from the incoming call earlier, listen carefully to the sound of a colleague.

The sounds did not came out.

Makiura was anxious and looked around.

Suddenly, something caught her eye.

On the back of the waiting seat, there are dots and reddish ones.

Following that, a black blood pool spreading between the rows of seats was in her eyes. It is scattering around like a painting.

There was a small piece of meat in it.




While listening to the call sound that still can not be connected, Makiura is trying to understand the sight in front of her eyes in the thought that was delayed like a turtle.

Bones are visible in meat and fat.

It seemed like a part of the human body.

Why is such a thing left in such a place?

Suddenly she heard a faint music.

It sounds like a ring tone.

Makiura headed for it to be drawn as it was with paralyzed thinking.

In the corridor, blood was scattered from place to place.

The melody was leaking through the door of the echo examination room.

After few hesitations, she open the sliding door slowly.

It was a crowd of people in the back of the room that got into her eyes. About three people bent down surrounding something. Some people wearing plain-clothes, others are hospital uniform.

Between those people, both legs wet with blood were stretching. Someone is collapsed. Will it spread smoothly on the floor, bleeding? She wonder if there was a person who had a serious injury, and She was involved in it. Then, what is this sticky mastication sound?

The ringing melody is heard from there.




Makiura was unable to speaks a word, she was watching the sight.

Suddenly she realize that her cell phone kept ringing.

Makiura stares at that display calling his colleagues.

Was this really her ringtone?

She should have heard it many times by the side.

Like haze, she can not remember the everyday life of the past.

She suddenly cut out the call.

At the same time, the flowing melody stopped.

She could not understand the two causal relationships, Makiura stood dumbfounded.

Silence dominates the room.

Only some mastication sounds are slightly echoing.

Suddenly, one of them turned around here.

It is a 30-year-old man with short hair. His eyes are empty, dyed red from the mouth to the chin. He moved his mouth with his throat and chewed something.




Makiura has begun to turn her back and run.

It was instinctive behavior. She didn’t even understand what is going on there, what they are. However, she understood that she should not stay there.

Hearing footsteps from behind, Makiura stop and take a breath. Desperately clinging to the elevator which was stopped in the hall, push the button to the top.

When looking back, the man a short while ago was coming here. The upper body is shaky in a strange way of running without using arms. Makiura slid into the open elevator and pushed the close button. By the disgusting movement, the door began to close. From the front, a man approaches quickly. The door closed as soon as its face was near, the elevator swayed as a result of his body contact.

Makiura squats down on the floor as a thread was cut.

Even beating beeping echoes from the outside.

How long was she stunned?

When she suddenly raised her face, the floor of the elevator showed the ward of obstetrics and gynecology.

She had no memory with which a button was pressed, but she seem to have chosen an usual floor over the unconsciousness.

Makiura crawled out of the elevator.

The hallway is silent.

The nurses station was also unmanned.

When she entered,




It was sudden, the words came up, Makiura heart almost stopped.

Looking at it, a young nurse is throbbing under the counter. She looked at me and had a face that seemed to cry.

Makiura moved the dry tongue and spoke.


「What… happened?」

「Well, I don’t know. I don’t know anything. Suddenly everyone got crazy.」


Suddenly, she heard a sticky sound.

When she turned over, she saw a person approaching from the corner of the corridor.

It’s a woman

Wearing a hospital suit.

The waist to the bottom are wet in red.

Makiura crouched down immediately and crawled under the counter.

Guess from that movement, a young nurse shrunk and leaked out the fear. She try to hold back her tears.

The footsteps are getting closer and closer.

Breathing becomes rough.

Her heart beating really hard.

Suddenly, footsteps stopped nearby.

In a moment of silence.

Two arms extended from the top of the counter, grabbed the head of the nurse.




Her scream rises up.

The woman’s arm wrapped around the nurse, without going through it, dragging up. Sounds like chewing the meat, a splash of blood splashed on the floor in front of her. The nurse flapped her legs and resisted, but in a movement that seemed to cramp out of them.

In that scene at the front, Makiura was not able to move.

As though escaping from reality, thought floats.

People are being eaten in front of her eyes.




Where in the world such a nightmare like this begin with?


(Please,…… God, please,……)


In front of her eyes the nurse’s foot was severely cramped only once and then hung down deeply.

Blood falling from the thigh jumps to the floor.

Sounds like the drop of water.

At that moment, one strain broke.

Her heart became blank.

Her body moved without permission.

She picked up the equipment that was nearby and hit it with the power of whole body at the back of the woman who was snatching to the nurse on the counter. The woman’s head collapsed with a disgusting feeling of collapse of the skull. She bounced back with her body, and stopped moving.

The female body which didn’t move any more is slipping down slowly outside the counter.


「Haa… haa…」


While holding a rough breath, let down the trembling arm.

The muscle stiffened up was screaming.

The eyes of the nurse left at the counter are looking up at the ceiling in emptiness. The neck was bitten and the bones were visible. Overflowing blood flowing down, making a pool of blood on the floor.




Thoughts will not return.

There is only an aggressive survival instinct.

She still feel something’s moving.

Migrating around the counter with fluffy footsteps, Makiura found it.

An object that is small and stuffy beside the dead body of a fallen woman.

It was connected to the end of the string of meat, extending from the hem of the hospital arrival.

Her brain becomes heated.

There is no reason or reason.

It is said that this is coming out of such things.

Just that existence is unforgivable.

Under the swinging arm, soft objects collapsed and crushed,

Something broke in her mind as a result of that feeling.



After jumping up from the back of the chair, she did not know where she was, Makiura was stunned for a while.

Cluttered goods are lined up in a small room that was originally used as an office.

It is a room of the city hall.

Because it was close to the hot water supply room, Makiura renovated it here as a medical office.




Breathe slowly and leave her back in the chair.

Nauseousness and headache are terrible, but they are usual. It will subside.

In the room where the heating went out, the limbs were cold.

When she saw the clock, it was seven in the morning. She has not had enough to be mindful. She leave the reading testament open. But the sleepiness has already blown off.

The body is heavy due to fatigue, the brain is dull due to lack of sleep.

However, in the back of the cranium, tension that could not be unraveled from that day continued all the time. She can not even remember when was the last time she slept peacefully.

Slowly thought leads her.

That mother was a zombie.

When not killing, one was killed.


That baby…..


Was he still alive or dead…?

Suddenly the door was knocked.


「Sensei, are you awake?」

「Yes. Come in.」


It was a woman who was a membership group who came in.


「Good morning. Sorry for disturbing」

「Nah, What happened?」

「There is a person who says that the amount of food to be delivered is small… I will not be convinced by any means.」 「Tanagi-san try to convincing, but he does not withdraw.」

「I’ll go immediately.」


When Makiura stood up, the woman showed a relieved look.


「Maybe because of the helicopter is behind schedule, make them irritated.」



Two days have already passed since the scheduled date of rescue by the SDF.

The communication team in charge of communication said that the helicopter’s failure and the request for rescue from the nearby place continue, and it seems that the transportation is not convenient. If she can afford, she will be able to make it head soon ….


(It looks rough today…)


Makiura was feeling depressed and continued after the woman.



The meeting of each leader is held every morning in the city hall at 8:00 am.

On that occasion, Vice Chairman Makiura sat in the upper seat. Next is a secretary.

It is Chairman and Mizuhashi, a former high school teacher, who will progress. In a look like a gentleman in her 50’s, the relaxed way of speaking helped to relieve the atmosphere, but today it has not been as effective as it is today.

The leader of the goods team says with a bitter voice.


「There is a water tank in a park, so water is still okay. The problem is food. Originally it was stockpile for disaster, although I could not afford it, consumption is increasing」


In that word, depressed air flows.


「People increased quite a lot…」

「There were about two quarrels just yesterday. There are more small troubles. People who newly evacuated are not very cooperative.」


Some people nod to the word of the guard leader.


「There are voices saying that acceptance of new evacuees was premature」


It is said that voice, but it is the opinion of the speaker himself.


「Well, that’s…」


Mizuhashi, the president, answers as if he had any trouble. Its attitude that seems to be bothering to deal with it is probably due to this position.

Makiura had listened to those words silently while dropping his eyes on the table.

When it was decided that the rescue of the SDF will come, it is Makura who said to call the whole city. At that time, it was unanimously adopted.

Danger such as infected people and incentives of zombies was considered, but no one thought that rescue would be delayed.

Makiura thinks absentmindedly.

A flow of the refuge escaping to a city office is cut off already. It is approximately 40 people altogether. It wouldn’t increase any more.

Among them, there is no image of her father.

Together, Makiura admitted that.

She cannot look at that back anymore.

Makiura has taken a breath.


「When the rescue was done as scheduled, they became leaving behind. The schedule went crazy, but the rescue was not canceled. People who can help should help.」


In the words, the speaker a short while ago felt sorry for disappointment.

A young woman of a bob-cut begins to talk nervously.


「Hey… Because the SDF’s person also said that he will come soon if he can secure a helicopter.」


Shiratani, the leader of the communication team, was originally a human being who worked at the welfare section of this city office. Although it is a newcomer of the first year entering, there is a place which can not be relied on, but it is a power in guidance and arrangement etc. in the city hall.

Makiura nodded and continued words.


「How much is the remainder food?」

「If we saving a lot, maybe about a week…」

「Should we go find supply again…?」


Starting with the word of a man, her remarks jumped one after another.


「What do you do when you get into something like before. Six people were also sacrificed」

「Anyway, if food runs out, I will starve to death.」

「A rescue will come in one week? It is dangerous.」


There were some convenience stores in some blocks of this city hall, and when the zombies began to disappear from the street, they were raising foods while looking at little by little.

However, the convenience store also became empty, crossed the bridge and headed further away, but nobody returned at that time.

Although the men’s debate continued for a while, no conclusion is made and they gradually calm down.

Everyone turned their eyes on her.

To their silent request, Makiura opens her mouth.


「Let’s wait for the rescue until the last minute.」


Men nod at the word.

It was almost a crane’s voice.

It was Makiura who ordered the barricades to the zombies that summarizes the people who ran away to the city hall and pushes them outside and made the division of roles for each group. The city hall has a shelter management manual in the event of a disaster, which was helpful.

The expert doctor puts on a mask.

As reliable, unwavering existence.

The appearance of white coat gives authority there.

It was her father’s mask that Makiura was suffering, frightening crowds.

The interior is not changed at all from other people who are frightened by the abnormal situation.


(If it is father, he would do it this way……)


That thought moved Makiura that was in extreme condition.

However, she also felt her own power shortage at the same time.

Her father can do better. He can make the environment become stable.

Besides, she was afraid to make a sacrifice by herself making a wrong decision.

Even being sitting on this upper seat, Makiura seems out of place.

At the conference in the morning when I worked at a university hospital, the end was also the last wall. Earlier in the occupational physician’s age, yelling at a senior doctor was a daily routine. As a doctor it is only a girl.

When preparing this steering committee, she was also promoted to the position of the president, but she declared that she would concentrate on the work of the relief team. Fortunately Mizuhashi came up as a character person, taking over as a miscellaneous affair.

How long will such a thing continue…

Secretly, Makiura sighed.



In the vicinity of the medical office, there is a room that gathered particularly bad people. Enter the room with heating, Makiura starts each round, one by one.

However, there are not many things you can do. Take hands and get sick and just have a conversation about today’s body condition. Even so, she found a patient very relieved.

Eventually, she went to a girl who was sleeping.


「Fujino-san, good morning」


after the voice, the girl raises her face.

With slightly blurred eyes,


「……Good morning」


Slowly answer.

Looking at the expression, Makiura gathers eyebrows with inner heart.


(She must be tired….)


She seemed much more exhausted than their first met.


(The boys are also in a stable state. Is there something she worried about? )


The boy, who was sleeping next to the girl, opened his eyelids and looked at Makiura, smiling a little.

Makiura crouched near and smiled. While watching the appearance of the foot,


「Is your stomach hurt today?」


「How about the foot?」

「……It is still painful.」

「I see. It will be better soon.」



Makiura stood up and told the girl.


「Does Takasaki take good care of you?」



The girl said in small voice.

In the bluntness of the reaction, it scratches her neck with inner pressure.


(If I meet my boyfriend in this situation, it seems to be more uplifting…..)


In the back of the park, she think of a story heard from a man named Takemura. He protected the girl temporarily, but her met with my boyfriend and joined it. It should have been such a story.

The man named Takemura remains impressive.

It was in the medical office that we first met. He was looking at the sharp eyes to observe this from the injured boy and behind the girl who seems to be anxious.

He was quite self-indulgent, he was a different man somewhere in the air.

In the atmosphere, it was marked as a caution person at first.

However, she refreshed her impression by seeing the child’s burial site. He stood in front of the tomb and stood still and its appearance was quite quiet.

Although it smells dangerous, it probably will not harm people without meaninglessly. Makiura felt that way.


「Because Takemura-san also left it up to you. If there is anything I could help, please say. 」


The girl suddenly raised her head.


「Did you talk to Takemura-san?」

「Eh? Yes. We did talk to each other」


Makiura squirmed into the reaction like a fire.

A girl looked down and kept quiet again.

Soon, she began to talk.


「A-no… when you see Takemura-san, can you tell him, that I said I apologized. When it is until now and feels that I am sorry」

「I do not mind, but why don’t told him yourself?」

「I can’t do it. It’s already useless.」


The girl covered her face with one hand,


「Before I came here… Takemura-san saved my life. But, I, was confused, saying terrible things ….about my younger brother, I did not protect them ….but, I forgot that, because I was in love, that’s why I’m disgusting…. I was despised of such abandonment… It was foolish. Even though I only caused a trouble, and yet….」


The second half was a tearful tone of voice.


「Besides, that was something I had to do… I force on Takemura-san …even though Takemura-san was not supposed to do that kind of thing…」


In that word, she suppose it was about her brother’s burial,


「…It’s not your fault. You were also nursing of Takashi. How about going on a visit him later?」



The girl looks up at her curiously.

While Makiura feels puzzled,


「……Aren’t you mean a grave?…..The one of the boy that Takemura-san buried in the back park.」



The girl’s eyes are widely spread.


「Grave of…, Ma-kun」

「….Yes. Isn’t it?」



The girl is stunned and shakes her head as loosely.


「That’s not it…. What I wanted to say is that I should be the one who killed him instead, but I could not kill him.」


Makiura was frozen in the word.

Suddenly behind her, the door was opened.

With a boy with him, Atsushi Takasaki was coming in.

Makiura stood up quickly and said to a girl by a low voice.


「Since I will do an alternative nurse later, won’t you tell me a little in the medical office?」


The girl stared at her in a strange way.

Makiura said gently.


「I am worried about you.」


The girl was blank for a while, but nodded slowly.

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