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36 「Food supply」 There were seven men who went to secure food and their age was various. The youngest, blonde highlights hair, ponytail man was about the same as Yusuke, others are older.   「Nii-chan have got a guts.」   After introducing himself, the leader’s man said so, Yusuke responded to it with an ambiguous… Read Article →

35 「Loneliness」 Makiura sat on the chair in the medical office and offered a tea, Mitsuki told the story at the supermarket. Running away with his brother to the supermarket, they were besieging. Yusuke appeared in the place where food ran out, and saved them. She remained silent about the body was asked for compensation…. Read Article →

34 「Makiura」 It was the first time that Makiura put a scalpel on the human body as a surgeon. Under a powerful light in the operating room, wearing a green surgical gown, gently place a scalpel on the lower abdomen of a swollen pregnant woman. The skin and the underlying subcutaneous fat are slowly and… Read Article →

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